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The debut of our new Flavor of the Week! post is a little late, but I’m just going to blame the delay on the blistering cold outside because I’m blaming EVERYTHING on the weather right now. It obviously has no feelings. But what better way to get the feeling back in those frozen little appendages of yours than with a little yoga??


Honestly, I have never enjoyed the whole gym/workout atmosphere – or ever really had the patience and motivation to learn the damn machines. However, I do value the health of my body and mind, especially during these winter months that make you feel so crazy (yes, I am a big baby when it comes to the cold!) I’ve read plenty of articles stressing the importance of Yoga and exercise and believe me, I have bought my fair share of instructional videos to attempt to do at home (they’re all covered in dust).  Taking that first step out the door is always the hardest (mostly because it’s freezing), but after you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner (like when it was warm)!


The first time I walked into the Savannah Yoga Barre, I was greeting with warm and friendly staff and given a tour of the amazing new studio. I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed, which may have been due to the relaxing music and fragrant herbal aromas wafting through the air.  Savannah Yoga Barre also has the best variety of instructors and incredibly flexible hours (Mon-Thurs 6-8 pm, Fri 6-6:30pm) so you can feel the burn, release your daily stress, and practice mindfulness at any time of the day! Never done Yoga before? Not to worry! The teachers are flexible with any level of Yogi and will guide you through the positions and offer help whenever needed. The Karma Yoga classes are a fantastic way to get started if you’ve never been before. The instructors are all still in training and the class is only $8 – so you’re helping them while they’re helping you! I can speak from experience that the Power Yoga classes will invigorate your muscles, get your blood pumping, and help A LOT with your balance and breathing. Plus, it will leave  you feeling light on your toes and honestly a bit drunk on Yoga. (It’s a good feeling, don’t be scared).  If you’re going to make any kind of resolution this year, resolve to try something new! Check out the links below for all things Savannah Yoga Barre and support local!


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2132 Victory Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31401

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