“Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything.”

 Julia Child

SAVor Savannah is all about life and food in the 912!

Whether it’s with good friends, family, or strangers cooking has the ability to create common ground and provides the ingredients for unforgettable conversation. Some of our earliest memories stem from some form of observing, creating and enjoying delicious (and sometimes not so delicious) food. We have lived a lot, worked a lot, eaten a whole lot, drank a little too much, and left and came back (only once) in Savannah for the past 10 years. Our recipe for our delightfully delicious blog is to bottle up all of our food and drink experiences and pour it out for you to enjoy! SAVor Savannah is full of fun and creative recipes for food, drink, and events that we have designed, found, redesigned, loved, hated, and haven’t even attempted yet! We are also extremely excited about the unique events we will be throwing into the mix (details coming soon!) Please explore, but excuse our messy kitchen while we get all of our ingredients in order! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for fun facts, tips, photographs, links, and most importantly where and when to find the best drinks in town.

We appreciate your support and feedback!


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